Subaru Starlink: Does It Really Worth It? [Explained]

Subaru Starlink is a multimedia system that offers access to a variety of entertainment and information services. It is available on select Subaru models and is offered as an optional extra on others.

The short answer is yes, the Subaru Starlink system is worth the investment.
Here’s a more detailed explanation.

The Subaru Starlink system is a suite of safety and security features that come standard on all new Subaru vehicles. It includes features like automatic collision notification, stolen vehicle recovery, and remote vehicle management. It’s one of the most comprehensive and user-friendly systems on the market, and it’s well worth the investment.

One of the best things about the Subaru Starlink system is that it’s always evolving. Subaru is constantly adding new features and functionality to the system, so it just keeps getting better and better. It’s also subscription-based, so you can cancel at any time if you’re not happy with it.

Overall, the Subaru Starlink system is an excellent investment for anyone who owns a Subaru vehicle. It’s packed with features that will keep you and your car safe, and it’s always improving. If you’re looking for a top-of-the-line safety and security system, look no further than Subaru Starlink.

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What are the benefits of the Subaru Starlink system?

Starlink on board!” by P^2 – Paul is licensed under CC BY-NC 2.0.

The Subaru Starlink system is a collection of integrated technologies that work together to provide drivers with a variety of benefits. These benefits include:

  1. Starlink Enhanced safety and security– The Subaru Starlink system includes features such as Automatic Collision Notification, Enhanced Roadside Assistance, Stolen Vehicle Recovery, Remote Services, Vehicle Diagnostic Alerts and more.
  2. STARLINK Concierge– This package brings you in-vehicle, real-time assistance with restaurant and hotel reservations and purchasing tickets for sporting/theater events. Your STARLINK Concierge can also help you search for points of interest and schedule service appointments at your preferred Subaru retailer, all at the touch of a button.
  3. Vehicle Alerts – Using or the MySubaru mobile app, you can set up different Boundary, Speed, and Curfew alerts to manage the drivers who use your Subaru vehicle. If any of these alerts are triggered, you will receive a notification.
  4. Remote Engine Start with Climate Control– Remotely starting your vehicle and adjusting the temperature via the MySubaru app on your smartphone so that your journey is comfortable from beginning to end.
  5. Starlink multimedia– Wireless pairing and hands-free smartphone operation allow for safe and easy connection to your favorite apps and content. You can access news, navigation, music, podcasts, and more through available STARLINK apps.
  6. Wifi connectivity– With available Wi-Fi connectivity built right into select Subaru vehicles, passengers can stream and share their favorite content online using the 4G LTE Wi-Fi hotspot. From the moment you start your Subaru, up to eight devices can connect. Then everyone can easily stream their TV shows, movies, and music, or play games, check email, and much more. 

How much does MySubaru app cost?

The MySubaru app costs $80 for 3 years.

What happens if I cancel Subaru Starlink?

If you cancel your Subaru Starlink subscription, you will no longer have access to the services that it provides. This includes features like remote start, remote unlock, vehicle location tracking, and more.

You will also no longer be able to receive software updates for your vehicle.

Can you upgrade Subaru Starlink?

Yes, you can upgrade Subaru Starlink. Subaru Starlink is a multimedia system that is standard on most new Subaru vehicles. It includes features like hands-free phone operation, Bluetooth connectivity, music streaming, and more.

The system can be upgraded by adding on additional features, such as navigation.

How do I cancel my subscription to Starlink?

If you would like to cancel your Starlink subscription, you may do so by contacting our customer support team.

You can reach our customer support team by phone at 1-888-211-4727 or by email at When you contact customer support, please be sure to have your account information handy so that we can assist you in canceling your subscription.

Does Subaru WIFI cost money?

Yes, Subaru WIFI does cost money. However, the cost is very reasonable, and it is a great way to stay connected while on the go. The WIFI service is provided by AT&T, and it is very reliable. The cost for the WIFI service is $9.99 per month, and it includes unlimited data.

Can I start and stop my Starlink Service?

Yes, you can start and stop your Starlink Service at any time. If you need to stop your service for any reason, you can simply contact customer support and they will be able to assist you.