Spark Plugs: Cause Car Radio Interference? How To Fix?

If you are wondering why your favorite FM radio station has been experiencing static, it could be because of the type of spark plugs in your car.

In this blog post, I will be talking about the connection between spark plugs and radios. Spark plugs are a crucial part of powering an engine, but how do they affect your radio? In order to find out, let’s take a closer look at what sparks plugs are and why they’re important for both cars and radios.

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Can spark plugs cause radio interference?

Spark plug wires are designed to be good radio wave insulators, but they can pick up stray electrical signals and radiate them as noise across the AM, or FM spectrum, especially under certain conditions. This interference has been known to cause problems with radios, even interfering with some cellular phones.

It is possible for spark plugs to act as radio antennas, picking up noise from the spark plug wires and then broadcasting it across a wide range of frequencies. A spark can charge a wire enough to cause electrical noise, though this is rare in most cases. When the interference is caused by an ignition system fault or high-tension wires, it’s possible for all the plugs in a car to pick it up and cause interference.

This interference is usually picked up by the car’s standard AM and FM radios and can cause a variety of noises, such as hissing and crackling, but it can also interfere with the regular operation of cellular phones and police scanners.

How do I reduce car radio interference?

One way to reduce radio frequency interference (RFI) is to install anti-noise spark plug wire sets, which are designed with added insulation that helps cut down on electrical pollution.

These types of wires are designed to keep engine noise from getting into the radio’s amplifier and speakers. They can also help improve fuel efficiency by keeping engine noise from interfering with the engine’s electronic control system.

What is a suppression spark plug wire?

A suppression spark plug wire is a type of wire that helps reduce electrical interference from other components in the car. It often contains a hollow core with an insulating layer, a conductive suppression layer, a fiberglass braid, and a silicone jacket. The purpose of this resistance in the wires is to prevent interference with the signal sent to the spark plugs, which helps prevent damage to other components in the car.


The answer is yes. Spark plugs can cause radio interference because they work as antennae and pick up noise from the spark plug wires, which is then broadcasted across a wide range of frequencies.


Radio Frequency Interference (RFI)