Roof Rack Locks: The Key To Storing Security While On the Trail

There are a lot of things to consider when you’re on the trail with your vehicle. You have to be sure that it is properly maintained, and you also have to make sure that all of its systems operate as they should. One thing that many people don’t think about is securing their roof racks from theft while on the road.

When you are out on the trail, it is important to have security. You need to know that your belongings will be safe at all times. You also want to make sure that they are easy for you to access when needed. A roof rack lock can help with both of these tasks .

This post will go over what a roof rack lock is, how it works, and why they are so beneficial for those who love the outdoors.

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Why do roof racks have locks?

A roof rack lock can be used to secure your gear when you are on the road. They work by attaching them to both your vehicle and their frame so that they cannot easily be removed without either destroying the locks or damaging your car. If a thief is attempting to steal them then these kits will act as an obstacle for potential thieves.

If they are able to remove the locks then it will take them more time and make them much less likely to be successful.

These locking systems also allow you quick access if needed, while still having your gear locked in place. They can provide security without limiting access to what is on top of your roof rack when you need it most. This makes roof rack locks the perfect accessory for those who love to fish, camp, and hike.

Do you need a roof locking system?

There are several reasons why people may want to purchase a roof rack lock:

  • You have expensive gear on top of your vehicle. Instead of having it all visible, you can choose to store things in an enclosed space so that they are not visible to potential thieves.
  • You get a sense of security when you know your gear is locked into place. You don’t have to worry about it falling off or being damaged because it can’t move freely due to the locks attached in place.
  • When you’re in an area where there aren’t many people around, your gear is safe.
  • If you ever go on road trips, you’ll feel better knowing that your roof rack locks will provide extra security. It’s always good to be prepared for anything when out in the wilderness.

These are all great reasons why investing in a locking system would benefit any outdoor person who loves their vehicle and wants to make sure that it is safe and secure when they are not around.

Is roof rack theft common?

One study found that 68% of thefts are roof racks. Many owners never even realize their rack has been stolen until they go to use it again and find missing components or see that clips have been cut off.

Roof rack theft is common because many people leave their vehicle unlocked overnight, especially if they are in a parking garage.

How to prevent roof rack theft?

There are several ways to prevent roof rack theft: install locks, use zip ties or cable locks, and remove the racks when you’re not using them.

It is recommended that owners buy locking clips for their load bars instead of just relying on clamps because it makes it harder for thieves to get the roof rack off.

It is also recommended that owners remove their racks when not in use, especially if they are leaving their car overnight.

Another way to prevent theft is by installing a tracking device on your vehicle or inside of one of your items which you often leave in your car such as an expensive jacket or cell phone.

The tracking device will help you locate your vehicle if it is stolen or lost, and can also be used for insurance purposes to prove that the items are still in your possession.

What are roof bar locks for?

A set of roof bar locks gives you an added level of security if you decide to leave the roof bars on your vehicle. They can be used with Thule Rapid AeroBlade crossbars, Yakima CoreBars, or any other factory-installed racks that are compatible with standard lock cores. The mounting hardware is included so it’s easy to keep the roof bars safely locked when you’re not on the road.

How many locks do you need for roof rack?

It really depends on what you’re carrying and how much of it. If you only need to carry your skis or a bike, then you can probably get away with one lock that will secure the whole rack down.

If you carry a boat or canoe, then three locks would be better. For extra security, make sure that your roof rack is centered on the car and as close to the body of the vehicle as possible before using any locks at all.


No matter what you’re carrying on your roof rack, it’s important to make sure that everything is locked down. You can use locks for individual items or the whole thing depending on the kind of gear you have and how much security you need. The best way to prevent theft when parking overnight in a camp yard, is by removing all racks from your vehicle. If this isn’t an option, then adding locks will help keep thieves out.