Why a Broken CV Axle Could Mess Up Your Transmission

Can a broken CV axle mess up your transmission

The CV axle is a crucial component in the transmission of your car. It is what connects the driveshaft to the differential, which in turn sends power to your wheels. If this axle breaks, it can cause serious problems with your transmission. Can a broken CV axle mess up your transmission? The answer is yes, … Read more

Why Does a Car’s Ignition Coil Get Hot?

Why Does a Car's Ignition Coil Get Hot?

Ignition coils are an essential part of any car’s combustion engine, that produces the high voltage necessary to make the engine run. It’s made up of two coils, and when current flows through one it creates a magnetic field which induces a flow in the other. Why Does an Ignition Coil Get Hot? The reason … Read more

Is a Charge Pipe the Same as a Downpipe?

Is a Charge Pipe the Same as a Downpipe?

Charge pipes and downpipes are not the same. A charge pipe is used to route exhaust from an engine through a turbocharger, which increases power and torque. Downpipes carry exhaust away from an engine into either a muffler or tailpipe. Charge pipes are not used to decrease backpressure on an exhaust system like downpipes. Exhaust … Read more

How Far Can I Drive With a Bad Alternator? [Explained]

How Far Can I Drive With A Bad Alternator_

Certainly, you’ll agree with me that all-electric vehicles are powered by electric motors, with the help of a battery. But did you know that the electric motor isn’t the one responsible for powering the radio, headlights, and other electrical systems in your vehicle? Yes, the alternator is responsible for all of that, including helping to … Read more