Is an APR tune Safe? All you Need To Know [With Examples]

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What is an APR tune?

The APR Tune is a system that can be installed in your car and improves its performance or efficiency. The APR Tune system has been in development for over 20 years and has been proven to provide noticeable improvements on many different engines, with no increase in wear and tear.

It also results in the reduction of many emissions that are harmful to our environment, such as emissions from nitrous oxides. The tune is usually installed by APR’s trained technicians who have experience with the tune install process.

The APR Tune system is a modification of the standard map that is stored within your vehicle’s engine management computer, and the main module responsible for handling this process is known as an ECU. The ECU receives information about what you are doing to your car through various sensors on the engine. These sensors are connected to a harness that sends data to the ECU.

The ECU then interprets this data through a technique known as processing and decides what to do next. In most cars, the information that is provided by the sensors will tell the ECU what to do, but in some models of cars, it can actually change how it works depending on who owns the vehicle or where it is driven.

Is APR tune safe?

Yes, the APR Tune system is designed to be safe. All of the adjustments that are made by the ECU are performed at a level that will not cause damage to your engine, injectors, and turbochargers. The APR Tune can also be interrupted or adjusted without any risk as long as the vehicle is running.

The APR Tune system is safe because it does not affect the engine and uses a patented airflow technique for better combustion.

Another safety aspect is the APR Tune also has an oxygen sensor that reduces the target air/fuel ratio when it detects a lean condition and increases the target air/fuel ratio when it detects a rich condition. The closed-loop ignition timing control is also an important feature that protects your engine from detonation, which can cause severe damage to a factory engine.

Is APR tune detectable?

No, an APR Tune is not detectable. Unlike other performance-related mods, an APR Tune system does not make any modifications to the car’s engine’s exhaust or air intake systems.

The only way a person would detect that you have an APR tune is if they had a diagnostic device that would show that your car’s ECU is not running the stock settings. Such a device (called an OBD scanner) can also be used to check if you have any aftermarket parts installed, such as exhaust or intake systems.

The APR Tune is undetectable because it doesn’t have any physical changes to your engine that will make it show up on a scan tool. The only way that it could be detected would be if the ECU was disconnected. This would then disable all of the standard features of your vehicle.

Is APR tune worth the cost?

The answer to this question depends on what you want out of your car and how much money you are willing to spend. If you just want a little boost in power, then the tune isn’t worth it. If that’s all that you are after, there are other options like exhaust systems, cold air intakes, and intakes that will get the job done without having to spend as much money as you would need to on a tune.

However, if you want your car’s performance improved in every aspect then the APR Tune system is worth the cost. This is because it can increase power while also improving fuel economy and reducing emissions. It is also designed to last a long time and uses OEM quality hardware.

The APR Tune system is also very customizable and can be adjusted for different driving styles or performance levels depending on what the driver needs from him/her car. This also helps if you are unsure of what level of tune you want because it gives you many options to choose from.

What does an APR Stage 1 tune do?

When you purchase an APR Stage 1 tune, you will be given an ECU map that is designed to give your engine the best performance in a standard driving situation. The ECU Map has been tested on many different vehicles and provides noticeable improvements on many different engines.

When it comes to emissions and fuel economy, the APR Stage 1 tune will help to reduce these pollutants while also retaining the same level of power output as a stock vehicle would while only adding 15-20% more fuel consumption. The tune will not exceed a standard drive cycle or outside of an allowed temperature range for your engine and therefore, should not cause any damage to your engine.

How much HP does an APR Stage 1 tune add?

A Stage 1 tune will provide a noticeable difference in horsepower while maintaining the same level of fuel economy. The average increase in HP is 20%.

What does an APR Stage 2 tune do?

If you are looking for more power and a higher fuel economy, then you should consider an APR Stage 2 tune. The APR Stage 2 tune can be adjusted to provide up to an 80% increase in horsepower and a 45% increase in fuel economy. However, this does come at the expense of increased engine wear so it’s important to consider what type of driving you typically do before you purchase this type of tune.


Is APR Tune Safe? the APR Tune system is a safe and undetectable way to increase your vehicle’s performance. The tune can be adjusted as needed to suit the driver’s needs for different driving styles or levels of engine power output. The APR Tune system is also designed to last a long time and does not have any negative effects on the vehicle.

The APR Tune system does cost more than other standard mods but has proven to be worth the money in many different cases. If you are looking to improve every aspect of your car then this may be just the mod for you.


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